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Starboard iQFoil Carbon 95 Mast

Starboard iQFoil Carbon 95 Mast

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The iQFoil 95cm Carbon mast is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm Carbon mast, built with 44 layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre: for more performance, more control and a wider wind range. 

The iQFoil 95 Carbon mast is also available as a separate upgrade item (from March 2020).


Forget weight, forget flex: foil masts have to be stiff and torsionally rigid to achieve controlled flight. The stiffer, the more stable. And the more stable, the more control and more performance the foil delivers. Starboard masts are built in 100% pre-preg carbon, with forty layers of wrapped high-modulus uni-axial, bi-axial and tri-axial Toray carbon hydraulically pressed, heated and fused into one monolithic mast of incredible stiffness.
The shape of our mast has also been optimized for flexural and torsional stiffness. Computer-simulated analysis shows the Starboard mast, by virtue of its shape alone, is already up to 52% stiffer than a traditional mast.


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