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Starboard iSonic Speed Windsurf Board 2024

Starboard iSonic Speed Windsurf Board 2024

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Go fast or go home! The new iSonic Speed boards are here to simulate you in the crazy speeds of Luderitz in your home spot. Stability, power and accurate navigation is just some of the few features of those new Starboard rockets.

Do you want to set a new personal speed record or perhaps challenge the World record?

Our all new  Speed  iSonics fly over the water with more control and confidence due to their V shaped hull. Calm and composed in rougher conditions, they accelerate relentlessly and freely without sticking, with enhanced performance capability ensuring even more competitive advantage. When it matters most.

Speed 40, Speed 45 and Speed 52.



> Mast track further back - Along with the back footstraps, we moved the mast track, further back which makes the board ride even more free.

> Single step cutaways - Single Step Cutaways for added release and increased speed on the 45 and 52 Speed.

> Back footstraps - The rear foot straps are further towards the back. This allows for less surface in the water and thus increases top end speed.

> Increased stiffness bottom construction - The new iSonic Speeds provide increase bottom stiffness in order to get faster response and better rocker durability from 0 to 80 cm by adding an extra layer of UD Carbon.

> Drake slick footstraps - The Drake Slick footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance. Carefully sourced with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel.


What is the construction?

The iSonic Speed Carbon Reflex is our flagship range. The light weight allows you to get going easier, plane through wind holes and get the best top speed. Carbon Reflex is our stiffest construction, giving you the best control when hitting chop and waves. Decks are built with the lightest grade of biaxial and uni-directional carbon fiber orientated between 45, 30, and 0 degrees for optimized flex and reflex characteristics. The bottom of the boards use an even lighter grade of uni-directional carbon fiber from nose to tail plus an extra UD Carbon layer from 0cm to 80cm to increase stiffness response and durability of the rocker with an extra 45-degree biaxial carbon layer in the tail area.


What are the sizes?

Model Speed 40 Speed 45 Speed 52
Volume 55L 65L 74L
Length 227cm 227cm 227cm
Width 40cm 45cm 52cm
Tail width 22.2cm 27.5cm 31.3cm
Thickness 10.9cm 11cm 11cm
Shape Flat vee to double concave Flat vee to double concave Flat vee to double concave
Fin Without fin Without fin Without fin
Sail range 4.0-5.6m2 4.5-5.6m2 5.0-6.2m2
Weight  4.3kg 4.63kg 5.2kg



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