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Starboard Kode 105 2021

Starboard Kode 105 2021

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105L - 224 X 65 X 12.6 - 7.75KG

Drake FreeWave 30 / Rush 20 / 2 x Natural Wave 11 :  2 x Star Box + US Box


Two new sizes, two fin sets right out of the box: the new 2021 Kodes are our fastest freeride windsurf boards in single-fin mode and our best onshore wave boards yet in tri-fin mode. Supercharge your ride across the widest range of conditions.

Kodes are designed to deliver the best onshore wave performance and excel in freeride, freewave and freestyle. The Kode shape is short in both nose and tail for added maneuverability while avoiding any loss in acceleration or speed. The increased bottom Vee shape adds maneuverability and precision in the waves, gives a sharper acceleration in the gusts and more smoothness in rough waters. Our tailored fin selection, fin positions and strap positions for each size complete the uncompromised convertible set up.


> All models come are supplied with two set of fins. Jaeger’s signature Stone Surf G-10 thruster fins by Drake provides a blend of speed, grip, maneuverability and stability in playful and wavy conditions. Choose the FreeWave single fin for more speed, more directional stability and earlier planing.

> Kode noses and tails are shorter. For improved maneuverability and improved onshore wave performance.

> The bottom shape blends a fast rocker along the centreline for maximum speed with more curved rockers on the sides. As you engage the rail, that added curvature on the sides of the Kode bites and engages the board into its carving arc.

> For quicker rail to rail transitions and for better comfort and control when blasting through rough chop.

>All Kodes use two lightweight Starboxes for the side fins. The 85, 95, 105 and 115 models use a US centre finbox while the new 125 and 135 use a Power Box centre finbox.

>The Kodes feature 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern that provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear




Deck is Full 0.6mm Australian Pine Wood on 3mm H100 PVC to ensure durability and comfort in a good weight ratio. The Wood will be less visible this time and protect by a nice blue paint which gives a really nice effect. Let’s go back to Starboard origin with Class.
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