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Starboard Sprint Race SUP 2023

Starboard Sprint Race SUP 2023

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Our fastest flat water machine. Instant acceleration, amazing top-end speed.


What is new for 2023?

Sharper Thicker nose profile – slices faster through the water and stops the water wrapping over the nose to slow you down. It pops faster in chop and gives you more trim control.

Flash+ Fin – supplied on all size for more direct tracking and stability.

Refined Inside Standing – the inside rails are more dug out and widened to utilize the full inside width to improve stability. Greater control in choppier conditions and at race starts.

Rounded Tail Edge – the tail has a new rounded tail edge which feels more slippery through water and has a smoother release. In choppy conditions it slides between bumps easily and feels more forgiving.

Flash Fin – prepreg carbon technology Flash replaces Natural Winner, Flash + replaces Race Ultra

Centre Drainage – we moved the drainage from the rails to centre of the board resulting in:

Less water weight on the rails, reducing the water causing imbalances in lateral stability.
Faster drainage, we recorded up to 50% faster drainage time (drained in 18 strokes with centre vs 39 strokes with rails).
2 drainage holes vs 4 reduces weight.
The standing area is much drier overall as less water enters when leaning on the rail to rail turn.

Drain covers – recessed into the board for maximum efficiency, secured with improved sealant glue and additional clear tape around the edge.


What SPRINT is right for me?

The Sprint is not just out fastest race board; its winning more races in the last 5+ years than any other board in the industry.

2 new wider models offer more stability and now crossover as a long-distance touring option. 14’0” x 27.5” Sprint – is suited to riders up to 115kg and those that want solid stability to relax at speed.

14’0” x 29” Sprint is designed for riders up 125kg and those seeking for ultra-stability for long distance adventures.

Both new sizes offer a recessed bag storage in front of the standing area with bungee tie down to carry gear and supplies for ultra-distance races and long exploration paddles.



This year with Starboard Inflatables, the package comes with the 3 piece Starboard Enduro Carbon (UD) paddle

Another bonus with buying a Starboard paddleboard is that they have a great environmental background and incentive as a Certified B Corporation. When purchasing a board with Starboard, they will plant 3 Mangrove trees (they draw down 3 x 336.5 kg CO2, more than 1 ton, over 25 years and this is more than 10X the board’s total carbon emissions) and they will pick up 1.1kg of ocean plastics! 


What is the difference in the construction?

Starboard not only make a range of board shapes, but the board design can also come in different constructions, depending on the performance, durability and weight you seek from the board.

The SPRINT comes in the Wood Carbon, Carbon Sandwich and the new ZERO.






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