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Starboard Super Cruiser 2 Foil 2024

Starboard Super Cruiser 2 Foil 2024

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As a 2024 model, this may be on a pre order or incoming delivery, so stock shown may be delayed or available to pre order. Contact us for more details. 



For cruising and foiling with smaller sails.

The legendary SuperCruiser needs no introduction - one of the best-selling windsurfing foils returns with upgraded wing designs, upgraded masts and upgraded fuselages.


NEW FOR 2024

> New front wing for more stability, glide and speed.

> New longer 99cm Evolution MkII fuselage for more power and more longitudinal stability. The integrated fin and the fuselage's "Jumbo" thickness creates rock-solid stability and a smoother flight.

> New 500cm2 tail wing for added low speed stability and more longitudinal stability. There's just no easier windsurf foil than the SuperCruiser.

> New V9 Foil Mast - The V9 mast uses the same extrusion die as its predecessor, the V5 mast, and adds a couple of strength upgrades: 

  • The mast position is shifted backwards slightly to add more metal around the rear barrel nuts.
  • These barrel nuts sit deeper than in the V5, adding extra strength.
  • A 1.5 degree fuselage is now built in, lifting the nose of the board for an easier, more balanced trim while flying.



  • Evolution MkII fuselages keep the same streamlined nose section - so front wings remain compatible.

  • The mast fitting also remains the same, offering mast compatibility across all Starboard Foils masts

  • The tail shape is more streamlined and the fuselage is thicker. We gain in speed, control and stability.

SuperCruiser 2
Front Wing: SuperCruiser 2 1700
Tail Wing: 500
Fuselage: Evo MkII 99/31 Jumbo
Mast: 85cm V9 Aluminium
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