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Starboard Super Cruiser Evolution 2022/23 Foil

Starboard Super Cruiser Evolution 2022/23 Foil

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Now available in Top Plate! Our bestseller. Takes off at low speeds, keeps you flying through foil jibes and 360s, and simplyour most fun and maneuverable wind foil. For foiling. With small sails and compact foil boards. 

Available in: Aluminium // Carbon C300 //

Aluminium Top Plate Edition


  • ***NEW FOR 2022***
evolution foil evo foil evo foil

The Evolution fuselages remove the front bulb to enhance water flow, maximise front wing efficiency and reduce drag. Your foil cuts through water smoother, faster and effortlessly.

The new mini-bridge for the front wing saddle adds stiffness for more flight control. The tail wing saddle and the mast mounting section remains unchanged, so tail wings and masts from the Original Generation and the Plus generation remain compatible. 



  • New EVOLUTION front wings- all front wings have been upgraded to fit the new EVOLUTION fuselages. 
    SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution : same shape as the outgoing Wave 1700
  • New Carbon construction - C300 : the standard high modulus pre-impregnated carbon construction used on all Starboard foils carbon wings and carbon masts since the Original Generation. 

  • A New 90° Mast- adds power to your foil by shifting the wings and fuselage 5cm further forward. 

The front wing and fuselages front the previous Generations (any model prior to 2022) will NOT be compatible with the new Evolution Generation and range. However, the masts and tails wings are unchanged through the Generations so are compatible. 
Front Wing - SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution C300

Tail Wing - 330 C300

Fuselage - 102 Evolution Classic

Mast - 85cm 87°Carbon C300 / 85cm Aluminium V5 Deep Tuttle / 82cm Aluminium V8 Top Plate

Carbon version supplied with Team Bag. 





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