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Starboard Waterline SUP 2023

Starboard Waterline SUP 2023

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The Waterline is a specialised flat-water Touring model, designed to give you the smoothest and most relaxing paddling sensation in conditions up to shin high chop.

Designed for pure efficiency and long-lasting glide, the Waterline’s nose slices through the water without a sound or splash, allowing you to paddle silently without disturbing the water and anyone around you. The slight recessed standing lowers your centre of gravity so you have more stability and control,  while the wide tail helps balance the trim.

Olympic inspired cutaways provide a more efficient release and reduces the drag, as well as acting as stabilizers in choppier conditions. The recessed storage area in front of the standing makes it more stable for you to carry gear and is quicker to access essentials along the way.

3 sizes ensure there is a size for you and your friends to match your skill level and rider weight, as well as 3 technologies for the entry level and more performance paddlers.

The Waterline should be your clear board of choice if you want an effortless paddling experience with unmatched glide potential.


What size WATERLINE should I get?

12’6” X 28” – Designed for lighter riders up to 90kg. The 12’6” is lighter to carry and easier to manoeuvre both on and off the water. Ideal if you have limited space, the 12’6” is more manageable to store and transport.

14’0” x 28” – Our fastest and most efficient size, this is the board of choice if you want maximum efficiency and glide. Optimal for riders up to 105kg, the 28” width is faster than the 30” and can keep up with some of race boards.

14’0” x 30” – The most stable flat-water touring board, suited if you’re up to 115kg or you want extra balance and stability for effortless cruising. Maintaining the silky-smooth glide, the extra 2” width allows you to have a wider stance, helping you lower your centre of gravity for a solid stability. Wider and more stable, the 14’0” x 30” Waterline is the board of choice for heavier riders and those that want to carry gear.


What is the difference in the construction?

Starboard not only make a range of board shapes, but the board design can also come in different constructions, depending on the performance, durability and weight you seek from the board.

The WATERLINE comes in the Lite Tech.

Take a look at the blog we made to distinguish the construction for you - Starboard SUP Composite Board Constructions     

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