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Tabou 3S Classic 2023

Tabou 3S Classic 2023

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Note: Stock is in high demand; this is a 2023 online exclusive product so please call if interested



With the 3S Classic we celebrate this board’s successful past and add modern characteristics, which results in outstanding all-round performance and ease of use.

The traditional, longer outline is combined with a very forgiving rocker, which gets you planing early and easily. With its longer shape the 3S Classic offers magnificent control in chop as well as gusts and provides a huge wind range in combination with the impressive low-end planing potential.

Thanks to the double step cut-out in the tail section carving through jibes and even riding smaller waves becomes incredibly easy. Multiple foot strap position options allow you to tune the board exactly to your demands with a centered setup for increased maneuverability and an outside position for maximum speed control.

Controllability, early planing and speed in a huge range of conditions are guaranteed with the 3S Classic.



> Free concave - An elaborate concave with a flat section in the tail and more V in the nose leads to early planing and increased manoeuvrability during jibes and turns

> Double step cut-out - The double step cut-out in the tail leads to tighter turns and more speed.

> Longer and more classic shape - A more traditional shape provides great control in choppy conditions.

> Forgiving rocker - The rocker line of the 3S Classic is very forgiving, which leads to comfort in all conditions.
> Allwind performance - The 3S Classic provides control, early planing and speed in a huge wind range.
> Ease of use concept - More centered foot strap positions and the more traditional shape make riding the 3S Classic incredibly easy.
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