This is the second half of the two-part course we offer, designed to improve and develop on your basic windsurf skills. 
After Part A, now you will learn to sail all points of sail in a variety of conditions, improve your gybes and tacks so they are faster and smoother, and even get into the harness if you are progressing quickly.
The Part B course runs across 2 days, each session lasting 3 hours - you do not have to have completed the Part A course with us.
Each lesson will include an on-shore brief and de-brief so that skills and equipment are efficiently understood prior to heading to the water. (Therefore these are 3 hour sessions, not specifically 3 hours on the water).
Minimum on this session is 2 people, if you wish to progress at a faster or more personal pace, why not take a look at our private tuition?
 NOTE: With COVID we currently can only run sessions with 2 households and a maximum of 6 people. We also cannot provide wetsuits and wish you follow the guidelines we have set in place and are told by our staff.
Sessions run from 9:30-12:30 and 1:30 to 4:30 each day and are subject to wind and tide conditions. 
Our Facebook group is a great place to check up on our upcoming school events and join a general watersports community for tips and advice - Poole Harbour Watersports Social.
To book, simply call us on 01202 700503 after purchasing your voucher. (All details will be sent to you via email upon purchasing the voucher).
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If you require any more information, please feel free to contact us at info@pooleharbour.co.uk or 01202 700503.