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Severne Redwing Foil

Severne Redwing Foil

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That's what foiling means to us. For most windsurfers, foiling has the potential to DOUBLE their time on the water. 

Our foil equipment has been designed to get people up and flying easily, safely and with as much fun as possible. By directly understanding all the variables ourselves, we have made the design choices to deliver a foiling experience that will expand your windsurfing world. 

> 900mm mast
> 950mm fuselage
> 1400cm2 front wing
> 350cm2 tail wing


Foiling is more fun when you're not bleeding. So we considered every component and how it's user friendliness could be improved. 
~ All wingtips have rounded tips and are curved down, away from kicking feet
~ Wing covers are designed to stay on during setup, minimising accidents while on land
~ 90cm mast gives enough height for correct technique, minimising both touchdowns and breaches
~ Rigid aluminium hardware delivers consistent, reliable lift which increases control


Rigging up has never been the most fun part of windsurfing. Adding a foil can increase the complexity, so we have focused on making it as easy as possible. 
~ Minimal bolts mean less to install
~ Only 2 different bolt types - short bolts for the wings, and long ones for the mast
~ A single tool required. The 5mm Hex key was selected for it's long term reliability, the abundance of compatible tools (many sails use this size for batten tension), and easy replacement of bolts
~ Plug in connections between fuselage/ mast and fuselage/ front wing


If you're flying half a metre out of the water, you don't want that front wing moving around underneath you. Rigidity is the key to holding the wings in a consistent position. Rigidity allows you to lock in and windsurf on the foil, rather than riding a bucking bronco. 
~ Mast geometry maximises stiffness. 19mm thick x 145mm wide. Much stiffer both longitudinally and torsionally than most carbon masts. 
~ Spigot on fuselage locks into the mast section
~ Fuselage uses straight sections for directional stability, and to maximise the strength/weight ratios
~ 4x connection surfaces on the front wing connection reduces any movement


Easy enough for your first flights, the RedWing is fun enough to keep you foiling into gybes, 360s and beyond. Cruise speed is set at 20knots for freeride foil performance.
~ 1400cm2 front wing has enough area to handle low speed manoeuvres whilst being fast enough for fun
~ The low-aspect front wing is 76cm wide, making it suited to narrower freeride foil boards 65-85cm
~ A longer 95cm fuselage increases pitch stability and enables less concentration on the foil trim


SPAN - an increased distance between front wing and back wing promotes stability, improves light wind efficiency and smoothes the ride
HEIGHT - 900mm mast reduces both touchdowns and breaches. It allows enough height to clear chop and ride with confidence
WIDTH - the 1400 wing is 760mm wide so it does not require a super wide board to control the leverage. Suits boards in the 650mm-850mm range


The 1400 wing uses a profile designed to be stable and forgiving without sacrificing speed. A relatively thin 10.8% thickness combined with a refined leading edge reduce drag, whilst the draft forward profile enhances stability over a wide range of speeds.

Wing outlines have been designed with safety in mind. All wing tips are rounded and curved downwards away from kicking feet. 


Internal carbon frame - the DARK WEB utilises a series of internal carbon stringers to increase stiffness with minimal weight. 



As the Severne Redwing Foils have now arrived, it has come to our attention that the 8mm bolts that secure the foil to the board, can be a little wide for some other board brands.


Luckily, it is a super simple remedy as shown in the below video to use the M8 bolts:


As highlighted in the video, this in no way compromises the boards box or overall structural integrity.


Severne, as well as other brands, are moving away from M6 and instead favouring M8 bolts. This is due to the added bolt strength, as an M8 is nearly twice as strong as M6!


Let us know if you have any further questions on 01202 700503


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