Foiling news Issue #2 - Moses vento 91 review

So… this Christmas eve I tried the Moses Vento 91cm (RRP £1398)

Moses Vento Foil Review

Gusting 0 – 30 kts.

So this foil is quite light. It has a 91 CM high modular carbon mast – longer than the pryde and Fanatic. It has a deep profiled front wing made from carbon as is the rear wing. The fuselage is alloy. Where the mast meets the board is a fairing extending over the board – this will serve two purposes – firstly it will fair in the join but secondly will prevent the front of the fin driving into the boards fin box so reduce strain on the box

The deep front wing makes this a really stable foil to use – it’s easy to stay up it goes up and down wind well and on the beach feels light. The deep front wing means it’s not as fast as some of the slalom designs, but it does make up for that in ease of use. It’s quiet and seems stiff enough. The range includes the 101 race and 111 advanced race – these have the same construction but higher aspect wings. You can also buy the wings separately if you’d like to upgrade.

In short this is quite an impressive foil for the price! Shop Now.


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