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The ocean is F-One's playground, equipment is their passion, fun is the goal! Discover what is “One Culture” for them. When you choose F-ONE you aren’t just choosing a brand or a particular product...

R&D is at the very core of everything they do at F-ONE,
since the very beginning they have always strived to have the best products on the market.
In order to achieve that goal, F-One have to continually innovate and build equipment that meets up to their exceedingly high standards.
We are all riders, and we all want to be using the best gear.

Everything they create is developed in-house, from the very first ideas to the designs and prototypes right up to the finished product in your hands.
F-One have an incredible team of designers and testers who help them achieve what they do.

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  • F-One Flow XS Surfboard Fins

    The F-ONE surf fins have been developed to optimize the efficiency of their shapes.Their outline, stiffness and profile were designed specifically for surfing with a kite, which means different requirements...
  • F-One Swing Harness Line

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call for availability.    Attachment - Swing Harness Line This line is made of a 3.5 mm spectra rope covered by a...
  • F-One Breeze V2

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive The most user-friendly one strut kite on the market today, incredible light wind ability matched with complete ease of use.  Ultra lightweight Unbeatable low wind performance...
    From £775.00
  • F-One Gravity 1400 SUP Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive    The F-One GRAVITY 1400 wing is ideal to learn how to surf foil, enjoy the smallest waves and also venture on a downwinder.    - Low speed...
  • F-One Gravity 1200 SUP Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive    The F-One GRAVITY 1200 wing is entirely dedicated to surfing on a foil.   - Easy progressive lift  - Maximum manoeuvrability  - Perfect balance between speed and...
  • F-One IC6 850 V2 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive    The IC6 850 is very accessible and offers a surprising potential for progression so it really is the ideal "first" foil purchase.   - Versatile, very intuitive,...
  • F-One Mirage Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive   The F-One MIRAGE kitefoil wings range is made of 3 sizes to suit all freeride and freestyle needs. Extremely easy to control, these wings offer smooth...
    From £1,360.00
  • F-One Escape 510 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive   This kitefoil wing is amazing at covering some distance quickly and glides incredibly well. The ESCAPE 510 offers superior speed and perfect control.   - Incredible glide...
  • F-One Gravity 1800 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive The F-One GRAVITY 1800 wing is ideal to enjoy the smallest waves, venture on downwinders.  - Maximum lift with smooth delivery  - Very stable and intuitive  -...
  • F-One Levo 900 Windsurf Foil

    The LEVO 900 wing was especially designed for windfoiling: it has a very long span to provide all the stability required for foiling on a windsurf board and its surface...
  • F-One Swing 2020

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call for availability.  An incredible new way to fly and experience new feelings on the water, once you try it, you’ll be...
    From £699.00
  • F-One WTF 2020

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive The WTF?! has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate freestyle competition machine and has been developed to allow you to perform the...
  • F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series 2020

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive   The TRAX has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate freeride and freestyle...
  • F-One One 2020

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive   Comfortable, easy to control and providing easy upwind performances, the ONE is the perfect freeride board.  Freeride Perfect Weapon Very Comfortable And Forgiving Early Planning...
  • F-One Slice Carbon Comp Series 2020

    The All-out Strapless Freestyle Machine Lightweight, compact shape and balanced outline  Easy and intuitive pop  Reduced thickness for an improved control and lighter weight Fantastic control during the jumps and...
  • F-One Slice Bamboo 2020

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive The SLICE has become an all-out strapless freestyle machine and is as well an easy and intuitive board to ride in the waves! Strapless Freestyle Weapon...
    From £750.00
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