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Kite Foil

Currently stocking Slingshot and Carbrinha kite foils, as well as Foil Wings suitable for kite foiling from Duotone, Naish and Slingshot...

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  • Naish Wing-Surfer

    NOTE: New 2020 S25 version coming soon! Keep a look out!  The Wing-Surfer is the ultimate handheld inflatable surfing wing. It’s a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite...
  • Slingshot SlingWing

    NOTE: The SlingWing is now here! available now!. The SlingWing Classic V1 is part windsurfing, part kiteboarding and part flying, each broken down to their most basic form. When you...
  • Duotone Foilwing

    FIRST FEW IN STOCK NOW! Get in contact with us for more information and to grab first stock! The Duotone Foil Wing is such a simple concept yet delivers unrivalled...
    From £479.00
  • Naish Freemove Jet 1050 Foil 2020 - ABRACADABRA

    KITE/ SURF/ WAKE/ WINDSURF FOILING   Bridging the gap for all foiling disciplines, the Freemove Foil offers a multitude of new features and sets a new performance standard across disciplines....
  • Naish Kite Performance Freeride Foil - ABRACADABRA

    FREERIDE KITE FOILING   The 2020 Kite Performance Freeride foil set continues to progress forward from our 2019 system. not only increasing performance toward the top end but, at the...
  • Gaastra Air Wing

    NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Air Wing is available now     AIR WING   Enjoying your time in and above the water has never been as easy as it is today with...
  • F-One Breeze V2

    NOTE: 2020 Online Exclusive The most user-friendly one strut kite on the market today, incredible light wind ability matched with complete ease of use.  Ultra lightweight Unbeatable low wind performance...
    From £775.00
  • F-One Mirage Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive   The F-One MIRAGE kitefoil wings range is made of 3 sizes to suit all freeride and freestyle needs. Extremely easy to control, these wings offer smooth...
    From £1,360.00
  • F-One Gravity 1800 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive The F-One GRAVITY 1800 wing is ideal to enjoy the smallest waves, venture on downwinders.  - Maximum lift with smooth delivery  - Very stable and intuitive  -...
  • F-One Escape 510 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive   This kitefoil wing is amazing at covering some distance quickly and glides incredibly well. The ESCAPE 510 offers superior speed and perfect control.   - Incredible glide...
  • F-One IC6 850 V2 Kite Foil

    NOTE: Online Exclusive    The IC6 850 is very accessible and offers a surprising potential for progression so it really is the ideal "first" foil purchase.   - Versatile, very intuitive,...
  • Cabrinha Crosswing

      INTRODUCING the CROSSWING. The Crosswing from Cabrinha is the simplest form of wind driven power you can hold in your own two hands. The Crosswing is a compact, fully...
  • Naish Hover Wake Kite Foil Board 2020

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock.   MULTI SPORT PLATFORM   Whether you are wake foiling, wake surfing, foil surfing, foil kiting or kitesurfing,...
    From £799.00
  • Naish Hover 160 Kite Foil Board 2020

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock.   BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE FOILING   Whether just getting started or looking to take your foiling to the...
  • Naish Hover 144 Kite Foil Board 2020

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock.   FOILING   Brand new for 2020, the Hover 144 is the board for foil kiters of all...
  • Naish Hover 130 Kite Foil Board 2020

    NOTE: This is a 2020 product so please call to check stock.   INTERMEDIATE TO EXPERT FOILING   The Hover 130 foil board is the perfect way to take your...
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