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  • Starboard 2017 Packages (All Round ZEN) - Poole Harbour Watersports Starboard 2017 Packages (All Round ZEN) - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Starboard 2017 Packages (All Round ZEN)

      This package comes with a alloy paddle or you have the option to upgrade the the starboard hybrid tuffskin which has a super strong and extremely durable blade and...
  • Starboard 2018 Compact Waterman Package

    The Compact iSUP package includes a WindSUP Blend 11’2 x 32″ or a WindSUP Touring 11’6 x 30″ in Zen technology, a WindSUP Compact Sail Package and a three-piece adjustable paddle....
    From £1,598.00
  • Starboard All Star 2018

      All Star, One board, All Conditions The most popular race board in the world. The culmination of years of racing development, the efficient hull has multiple victories in some of the...
    From £1,849.00
  • Starboard 2018 Wide Point

    The wider nose allowing riders to stand forward to catch waves early, with a wider tail giving more stability when standing back on the tail to turn. This board is...
    From £759.00
  • Starboard 2017 Windsup 11'6" Zen (Centure Fin) - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Starboard 2017 Windsup 11'6" Zen (Centure Fin)

      Rail Edge Technology: a proprietary 3D elastomer compound that creates a release edge that is hard and effective at releasing water, capable of bending to follow the contours of...
  • Starboard WINDSUP Whopper ASAP 2018

    WindSUP 10’0″ x 34″: Also known as the Whopper, a fabulous paddle board which performs very well in the waves and at the same time doubles as an entry-level windsurfer....
  • Starboard WINDSUP Blend ASAP 2018

    WindSUP 11’2″ x 32″: A new favorite known as the Blend, offering the best glide.  SPECIFICATIONS A.S.A.P.The A.S.A.P. models have a full deck EVA pad with 4mm squared-grooved traction on...
  • Starboard WINDSUP Freeride ASAP 2018

    WINDSUP FREERIDE 12'2 The WindSUP Freeride 12'2 x 30" is the authentic Windsurfer experience.With a unique glide, it absorbs chop thanks to the deep Vee double concave nose and performs...
  • Starboard Pine Tek Touring 2018

     Touring fast, Stable and smooth.  Slicing efficiently through the water, there is nothing else quite like cruising on one of these silky-smooth and stable hulls. Taking many design features from...
    From £1,875.00
  • Starboard Hypernut 2018

    The Hype Is Proven,  Storming onto the scene in 2016, the Hyper Nut has continued to win friends at many levels. Its stubby, wide-tailed designed with fast rocker-line, parallel rails...
    From £1,199.00
  • Starboard Airplane Package

    Inspired by the popular Convert Package we have now paired it with Starboard's AirPlane which is extremely stiff thanks to our new triple-stringer carbon compression rail bands that also prevent the boards from twisting. This...
  • 2017 Starboard 12'6" Touring - Poole Harbour Watersports 2017 Starboard 12'6" Touring - Poole Harbour Watersports

    2017 Starboard 12'6" Touring

    12’6” X 29” TOURING - Suggested Rider Weight Range 50-100 kg Balances speed and stability offering the most efficient glide for riders up to 100 kg. Speed and stability with comfort and great...
  • Starboard 2018 Windsup (Centure Fin)

     NEW for 2108:  ZEN: REMOVABLE CENTER FIN BOX- Remove the box for an improved paddling experience without the added weight or drag. Attach the box and supplied Drake Shallow 22 center...
    From £899.00
  • Starboard 10'5 Widepoint

    10'5" x 32"  - This board is perfect for all-round harbour paddling. The board tracks (goes in a straight line) amazingly well so if you are after a board for...
  • Starboard 11'6 Touring Zen

    The normal couple of marks on the deck and side from the paddle but this board is really in amazing condition and totally water tight . Comes with second hand...
  • Starboard Ex Demo Fleet (Blends/Wide Points/Whopper)

    Its that time of year again. This year we are treating you top boards in the Starboard collection. These ex-demo/ school boards have only been on the water for 6...
    From £599.00
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