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Starboard GO SUP 2023

Starboard GO SUP 2023

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The GO was voted 10/10 as the best all round board by SUP Boarder Mag recently due to the board being all about making it easy for you to get into paddle boarding.
With the classic surf shape look, but the performance and stability DNA from our award-winning race boards, it is the Go-to allrounder.

The wide tail aids stability when you step back for quick turns; whilst the boxy rails provide extra volume in the important stabilizing rail area, keeps the deck flat for a comfortable stance and limits water flowing onto the deck. The bottom shape has a deep centre channel, utilizing the catamaran principle, making the board extra stable and efficient to paddle. You can therefore also ride more narrower models, paddle faster and be more confident with every stroke.

The GO range is best for flat-water and light wind chop; the longer models will provide more glide, while the wider boards give you more stability. Our different sizes and constructions enable a board to fit your skill level, body size and expectations.

The ASAP technology is equipped with an additional centre fin and mast track, so you can also learn to Windsurf and Wingboard.


What size GO should I choose?

9’6” x 31” GO SURF – The first board in the GO range designed to surf and cruise, and new for 2023. This 9’6” has been designed for lighter riders, but more specifically for women up to 95kg, offering a board that is lighter to carry, has good glide and stability, yet totally nimble and responsive on the waves. This model has drawn reference from other super popular Starboard designs, scaling down an Avanti outline, whilst also using the rails and bottom shape of the popular Wedge range.
Paddle at ease as the 31” wide outline and flat deck provides solid stability, yet the pulled in tail and thin rails make it super responsive to turn on the waves. Get into the waves early and be fast to paddle back out to the sets with the 9’6” length, yet the board remains agile to swing the nose around in classic longboard style. This GO SURF is great for those looking for a board that can cruise, surf and is easy to transport.

10’2” x 29” – The most manoeuvrable in the GO range. Best suited if you’re a lighter paddler up to 95kg, you will benefit from its lighter weight, feeling easier to carry and faster to turn. The narrower 29” width gives you efficient cruising speeds and helps maintain a straight paddle stroke for improved tracking.

10’8” x 31” – The shorter length of the 10’8” makes it more manageable to store, easier to move around and quicker to turn. Best suited for riders up to 100kg, the 31” width offers a very stable platform and with good control to maintain a straight paddle technique for better tracking. Thanks to the competitive bottom shape design, the 10’8” is fast to paddle, nimble to manoeuvre in tighter spaces and easier to transport and store. A best seller.

11’2” x 28” – The narrowest GO at 28” is ideal if you’re a lighter rider up to 95kg and those that want a board that is lighter to carry, easy to manoeuvre, both on and off the water. Paddle faster and be more efficient with each stroke to glide for longer due to the narrower width. This also allows you to hold your paddle closer and straighter to the board, improving straight-line tracking and control.

11’2” x 32” – The original size. A great blend of stability, speed and manoeuvrability. The combination of the flat deck and deep concave hull, results in having the stability comparable to a wider board but with faster and efficient glide. This board is highly recommended as a great first time board, ideal for riders up to 105kg. Wing ready also with 2x centre US boxes!

12’0” x 30” – If speed is your priority, then this is the board for you. The 12’0” length benefits from the longest waterline and long-lasting glide, while the 30” width means you can maximise your stroke efficiency. From the classic surf shape, this board is easy to use yet still packs speed and performance inspired from our race boards. A great board for fast cruising that will cover distances, but also allows for progression into local races.

12’0” x 34” – The most stable GO board that makes it easy to use for all family and friends due to the 34” stable platform. Everyone can paddle confidently on this board, even in a range of conditions due to the wide flat standing area combined with the ultra-stable bottom shape. The length of the board also delivers impressive cruising speeds, making it an ideal option for even schools to teach on. Available in the durable Rhino technology and it is Wing ready with 2x centre US boxes.

What is the difference in the construction?

Starboard not only make a range of board shapes, but the board design can also come in different constructions, depending on the performance, durability and weight you seek from the board.

The GO range can come in the Lite Tech, Tikhine, ASAP, Limited or Blue Carbon technologies.

Take a look at the blog we made to distinguish the constructions for you - Starboard SUP Composite Board Construction 



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