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Starboard Wedge SUP 2023

Starboard Wedge SUP 2023

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The board to make you surf like a pro, yet have the ease and comfort of a much wider board. All at 32” wide, the Wedge range is designed to give you the best surfing performance without compromising stability, so you can surf better for longer.

The narrow nose allows you to generate more speed on the wave and makes it easier to turn without catching the nose. The pulled in tail makes the board very lively and responsive to manoeuvre, allowing you to have full control when stepping back to turn. The thin rails define turning performance, easier for you to turn on rail with less effort creating an amazing feel of response.

These boards are very versatile, so you can surf in big to small conditions and the larger sizes gets into sup surfing for the first time.


What size WEDGE is right for me?

8’0” x 32” – Nimble, agile and compact. The all new 8’0” is suited to lighter riders or those wanting added manoeuvrability and performance. The outline is 7” shorter yet keeps the rails and bottom shape of the 8’7” which made it perform so well. Being slightly shorter, it fits tighter in the pocket and critical section of the wave, whilst also being easier to rotate and less likely to get caught through turns.

8’7” x 32” – Short, stable and sensitive. Perform explosive tight turns due to the short compact length with a wide and stable outline. Have the responsiveness of a narrower board from the thin rails, a similar characteristic shared with the Airborn and Longboard ranges. The 8’7” is the stable high performance short board for you to rip yet have enough stability to make sessions longer.

9’2” x 32” – Turning heads with its control and responsiveness. Replacing the 9’5” Wide Point, this slightly shorter board makes it easier to rotate turns, fit tighter in the critical section of the wave and has less swing wright to throw around. Thin rails create a super responsive, reactive and sensitive board as less foot pressure is required to initiate turns. The pin tail helps you drive through bottom turns and makes it faster to life the nose around in top turns.

10’2” x 32” – Fast, reactive and controlled. This size is easy to engage and sink the tail from the pin tail shape, create faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive. The 10’2” glides fast into waves, is ultra-responsive for its size in small surf, yet holds its line with control in bigger and steeper drops. Easy rail-to-rail turning with a double concave in the mid-point and V on the tail for fast sensitive turning. This all-round size is a great option if you want the glide for cruising, comfortable stability from the width and solid surfing performance from the narrow nose and tail.

11’2” x 32” – Versatile cruising board with the fastest glide and smooth carving. Get into longer distance paddles and early entry into waves with the extra stable ride and easy glide. Super accessible size for riders wanting a stable board to learn with progression in smaller surf and riders up to 115kg. User-friendly and reactive turning from the midpoint for great performance.


What is the difference in the construction?

Starboard not only make a range of board shapes, but the board design can also come in different constructions, depending on the performance, durability and weight you seek from the board.

The WEDGE comes in the Limited, Starlite and Blue Carbon.


Take a look at the blog we made to distinguish the construction for you - Starboard SUP Composite Board Constructions

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