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Bic Techno OD and iqFoil RacingBrands

**NEW** Fuselage 115 Plus Aluminium

 Fuselage 115 Plus Aluminium (Race Plus) iQFOiL
2022Inflatable Windsurf Boards

2022 Starboard Airplane

  INFLATABLE WINDSURF BOARD AIR IN THE BOARD – WIND IN THE SAIL   Double-layer, low-extension woven drop-stitch Fusion Welded technology adds stiffness, improves durability with a higher resistance to...

2022 Starboard Carve

2022 brings four new sizes and shapes to our iconic Carve line up, delivering full freeride performance over all conditions. 99 and 109 are our new low volume shapes, with...
2022Bic Techno OD and iqFoil Racing

2022 Starboard Foil Race

   From 5 knots to 35 knots, on the Foil.   Race delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance. An all new Foil 100 which is extremely light for its...

2022 Starboard Foil Slalom

  The PWA Slalom Foil racing machine. Push your foil to the limit with steady flights through gusts and wind holes. A new nose design for improved light wind performance...

2022 Starboard Foil X

Hydrofoiling shouldn’t be a struggle. The Foil X offers the easiest way to play in the air. This ultra compact board helps you fly through the foil jibes; maximum fly...

2022 Starboard Foil X Wing

Hold the wind in your hands with a sail or with a wing, feel the foil below elevate you above the water as you fly across the water silently, powered...

2022 Starboard Futura

The test-winning freerace board for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control and jibing precision. The Futuras deliver maximum average speed with total confidence and comfort....
2022All-round Hard SUPs

2022 Starboard Go ASAP Windsup

The perfect introductory/ beginner paddle board for first time paddlers who want to paddle fast and stay dry. A progressive, versatile shape sporting a big bottom concave and boxy rails...

2022 Starboard Go/ Go Windsurfer

  GO/ GO WINDSURFERBEGINNER WINDSURF BOARD - ONE FOR ALL The iconic GO boards kickstarted the modern windsurfing era by introducing the widestyle concept. 22 years later, the GO boards...

2022 Starboard Ignite

What limits you from landing the next move? Think about it. Not enough pop, slow rotation, poor sliding? We developed the Ignites to give plenty of pop and allow for...

2022 Starboard iSonic

BETTER LOW-END. GREATER CONTROL. HIGHER TOP SPEED. IMPOSSIBLE? NOT FOR US! WHAT’S NEW? This year we introduce a completely new concept on three sizes: 67, 72 and 85. With our...

2022 Starboard Kode

  More drive, increased agility and quicker. The new 2022 Kodes are a significant step forward. Are we promising too much? Come and try for yourself. WHAT’S NEW? Kode 85,...
2022Inflatable SUPs

2022 Starboard SUP All Star Airline Carbon SC

  ALL STAR Airline INFLATABLE - FASTER THAN MOST HARD BOARDS . Poole Harbour Watersports says: The inflatable SUP with the best shape for glide and speed, can not be beaten...
2022All-round Hard SUPs

2022 Starboard SUP GO Range

  Poole Harbour Watersports say: One of the highest rated all round hard paddle boards. Amazing for exploring whether it is flat water or in the surf!! The Go is...

2022 Starboard SUP Hyper Nut

    INNOVATE YOUR RIDE PATENTED SHAPE TECHNOLOGY  SHORT BOARDS WITH STABILITY COMPARABLE TO BIGGER BOARDS.   The all-new Hyper Nut design is the 3rd evolution of this favorite compact...