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Neilpryde Combat 2023

Neilpryde Combat 2023

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Combat Pro is the epitome of wave sail development. Power when you need it, neutral on the wave and built to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at you. Trusted by our team from Peahi to Pozo, Combat feels light in your hands yet provides power when you need it and will always perform, no matter the conditions.

Pro HD construction combines the Pro features of the Combat Pro with an X-Ply centre window for an even more bullet-proof sail. This results in a lighter sail and a slightly softer feeling than the Pro construction.

HD construction is our most affordable construction. Featuring regular X-Ply and Radial HD 2.0 in key load areas of the sail which emulates the dynamic load distribution of Powerfuse but with a simpler, stitched construction in order to reduce construction cost.

2.9 Only available in Pro Construction.


> Drive & Acceleration - Tight leech provides power for early planing and upwind performance.
> Wide Wind Range - A large tuning range that allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions, thanks to the combination of a pronounced luff curve in the boom area and a high outhaul tension that stabilizes the profile. 
> Stability - Wide batten layout spacing on the lower area that allows a softer and forgiving handling under powered up conditions. Tight batten layout spacing through the upper area that provides greater stability and lighter feeling. 

PRO: Ultimate performance, no expense spared pro construction featuring Powerfuse and Ultra Scrim custom laminated panels.

HD: Engineered for strength and economy from the ground up. Featuring Radial HD panels and X-Ply throughout.


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