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Severne Nano 2024

Severne Nano 2024

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As a 2024 model, this may be on a pre order or incoming delivery, so stock shown may be delayed or available to pre order. Contact us for more details. First dispatch is December.




The Nano is compact, so it can fit tight in the pocket of any wave and carve hard. The combination of the parallel outline

and channel bottom delivers instant acceleration, grip, and tight radius turning.

Sizes from 87 up have been re-designed to deliver earlier planing and higher speed. All Nano’s are now exclusively quad fins setups, saving the weight of a 5th finbox and best complimenting the board’s characteristics.

Inspired by Tomo’s new-school surfboards, the Nano is a fresh wavesailing sensation.

Its parallel rails mean the width is narrower than on a traditional board, which makes it feel like you’re sailing a smaller board. The efficiency of the parallel rails means you’re up and planing as if you were riding a bigger board.

Initially conceived as a small wave, onshore biased design, the Nano proved to be so much more:


  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE - Fast enough for onshore, stable enough for high speed, down-the-line wall rides.
  • INSTANT ACCELERATION - An efficient rocker with low-drag entry gets the Nano up and moving with the slightest gust.
  • FUNCTIONAL VOLUME - Volume distribution centres the volume where you need it, not up on the nose or right at the tail. This makes the Nano really optimised for its size. Small and efficient.
  • CHANNELS - Channels create lift in sub-par conditions but allow you to remain in control when the waves turn on.
  • FINS - Fins are custom designed with a swept outline to enhance flex and progressive feel. A balanced chord length hits the sweet spot between speed and drive. G10 construction is responsive and durable.


  • NANO DIMENSIONS - Small. Its short length and narrow width makes the Nano extremely compact. Sure, it fits in the car easier, but the real benefit is a smaller rotational space; fits into hollow sections of small waves, or quick aerial rotations.
  • PROGRESSIVE RAILS - Blending from thin, refined rails at the tail and through the stance, the rails get progressively fuller towards the nose. This automatically sets the trim when turning – the front rides safe and high, while the tail bites and drives through the turn.


Technology –

Parallel outline: The parallel outline decreases drag and increases stability. Overall width is reduced which helps give the boards a smaller, more manoeuvrable feel. After careful balancing of the volume distribution the nose has been pulled in to reduce swing weight and speed up reaction. Tail area has been increased for more power and drive.



Progressive rail design: The hard release edge at the tail of the board becomes progressively rounded and soft towards the front of the board.

The apex of the rail becomes progressively higher through the forward sections to prevent catching. Bevels through the front sections raise the apex even higher for more clearance and increase the hit rate of landed moves.


Refined bottom shape: The double concave / V bottom shape remains. Total V has been reduced to improve acceleration and early planing. Tail channels have been added to increase grip and surface area. Also acts as an extra tail kick for tighter turns.


Compact volume distribution: The reduced length centres the volume where you need it. Optimised deck angles transition from reduced volume rails to high volume standing area.


Quad fins: Four fins provide a responsive surf feel with grip and increased stability.



/ TIGHTER TURNS. The compact length and tail channels allow the Nano to turn on a dime.

/ LOOSER FEEL. The stance, dimensions, and span all contribute to the surf-like feeling.

/ WAVE SIZE. Better suited to tight turns in small waves.


/ LOOSER. Less locked in, the Nano loves to turn.

/ MORE RESPONSIVE. The thinner rails make the Nano more sensitive to foot pressure.

/ SMALLER FOOTPRINT. The compact size allows the Nano to fit into hollow wave faces better.

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